India is trying to erase two centuries of Mughal rule

India’s school children risk learning very little about the period of history in which the Muslim Mughal dynasty ruled the

Another Historic Mosque Demolished in Uttar Pradesh

Under BJP’s leadership, India has become one of the most dangerous country for minorities in the world. Shahi Masjid, a

15 February – Liberation Day Afghanistan

1.         No one wins in a war. It only destroys homes, break families and displace millions. 2.         No one won

Human Right Watch (HRW) – India

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government continued its systematic discrimination and stigmatization of religious and other minorities, particularly Muslims. BJP

UNHCR Pakistan Launches One-Off Cash Assistance Scheme for Afghan Refugees

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, today launched a one-time cash assistance scheme for some 1.3 million Afghan refugees in Pakistan


India has started (propaganda campaign against Pakistan by leveling unsubstantiated accusations of supporting terror out fits in IIOJK. The lndian

Indian False Flag Operation Flight 814 Kabul Hijacking 1999

An Indian Airline air bus flying from Kathmandu to New Delhi was hijacked just before the planned visit of the

Indian Efforts to Legitimize Kashmir Policy in Garb of G20

India has assumed the presidency of G-20 in December 22 and is planning to host few connected events IIOJK. The