• After decades of war, suffering and insecurity, the people of Afghanistan need relief and peace. OIC being the highest forum of Muslim Ummah should act as a vanguard to address the issue. Following merit focus of attention: –
  • Presence of terrorist groups in Afghanistan is a reality. ISKP, TPP and other groups if not smashed, have the capability to transcend the borders. Joint effort by all including IAG is the remedy. OIC needs to play the lead role. Afghanistan and region can only achieve peace and stability if it is free of terrorist’s groups operating on its soil.
  • If Taliban are advocates of Islamic teachings, they need to understand that education and employment for women is their cardinal right according to Islam. If females are repressive in Afghanistan, this will further isolate Afghanistan. The world is upset on the issues and IAG is under lot of pressure for the same. O/C leaders need to persuade IAG to confer this right to women of Afghanistan at an earliest.
  • Afghanistan is the heart of Asia, connecting different regions mostly Muslim countries, especially Central Asia via Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, South Asia via Pakistan and the Middle East via Iran. Therefore, for success of any regional connectivity initiative; peace and stability in Afghanistan is must.
  • Afghanistan is isolated even after 18 months of coming under IAG rule. OIC needs to encourage the world to engage with IAG for a better future of Afghan masses who are the ultimate suffers of diplomatic isolation.
  • Return of Afghan refugees from different countries is a long-time pending issue. The war is over in Afghanistan that warrants return of Afghans back to their homes. A time bound strategy needs to be evolved for return of refugees from different countries. This will only be possible if Afghan government is enabled by the world community to absorb the Afghan refugees.


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