India has started (propaganda campaign against Pakistan by leveling unsubstantiated accusations of supporting terror out fits in IIOJK. The lndian media has linked, The Resistance Front (TRF), which seems to be recent invention of the Indian sinister propaganda machinery with Pakistan. Indian media reported that the group has issued a fresh threat to Kashmiri Pandit employee working under the Prime Minister’s Rehabilitation Package and warned of a targeted attack on them. Indian government and occupational forces Intelligence Agencies in IIOJK have all in one ready made solution, (blame Pakistan/ISI to over-up their failure to maintain law and order. Recently Indian- movie based on the stories of Kashmiri Pandits exodus has confronted international humiliation and was termed a cheap propaganda based on deceit and lies. In a major setback Supreme Court dismissed petition seeking probe into ‘genocide’ of Kashmiri Pandits on the basis that its old issue and there is no clear evidence exist. The roots of the 1989 insurgency in Kashmir lay in a highly problematic history of electoral politics of Jammu and Kashmir. The Indian state and media have been accused across the board for utilizing the experience of Kashmiri Pandit as a tool of propaganda against Kashmiri Muslims.  Indian has been badly exposed in international circles for its state patronized anti-human rights policies against the people of IIOJK demanding their rights according to UN resolution. India has become a failed state under the leadership of Narendra Modi and has been badly exposed for its anti-Pakistan campaign.



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