India has assumed the presidency of G-20 in December 22 and is planning to host few connected events IIOJK. The Indian government, contrary to the ground realities has been projecting normalcy in the troubled region through a planned media campaign, Modi regime’s tall claims of normalcy have fallen flat as mere propaganda. Lately India held a low-level investment conference by inviting officials from Gulf countries and is now going a step further with trying to host few Sidelines events of G20 summit.

India has been making all out efforts to convince international stakeholders that its illegal action of abrogating special status of IIOJK has initiated an era of peace, tranquility and eco development. BJP led Indian government wants to bolster its normalcy claims by holding G20 summit in IIOJK. G20 summit in IIOJK is a smokescreen aimed at diverting international attention from massive human rights violations being perpetrated by Indian troops in the territory. Hosting G20 summit in Kashmir is aimed at misleading the world community about the real situation. Recently, Canada’s New Democratic Party (NDP) recently asked its government to boycott events held in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir as India begins its presidency of the G20, citing discriminatory anti-minority laws, its threats of ethnic cleansing, persecution of minorities and the arrests of journalists and human rights activists. Pakistan government in a strong worded statement termed Indian intentions as mischievous and tangent to UN charter. IIOJK is UN declared disputed region, thus holding international event will have diplomatic repercussions.



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