A girls’ school in Gilgit-Baltistan’s Diamer district was burnt down and as per media reports local officials have held “Indian sponsored terrorists” responsible for this reprehensible act. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) on 10 Nov expressed concern over the recent arson attack on a girls’ school in Daimer. India has been sponsoring terrorist activities in Pakistan since 1947 in different forms like sponsoring terrorist networks through its serving intelligence officers like Kulbhushan Jhadev an Indian Navy serving officer and running elaborate worldwide propaganda network unearthed by EU Disinfo lab.  The recent incidences of apprehensions of Indian Armed Forces personal from Qatar and Guinea on the charges of espionage points towards Indian state’s involvement in operating intelligence networks in foreign countries.

The literacy rate in CB is amongst highest in Pakistan with the exception of few small patches of orthodox population. India has been inciting religious sentiments of the local population through some miscreant elements to create unrest in far-flung areas of Pakistan. India is facing severe criticism from UN, US, EU and ME during the recent times due to its fast-deteriorating human right track record especially in IIOJK. India with its fascist regime has unleashed a reign of terror against the minorities. India is regarded as the most dangerous country for women and journalists; it is a proven fact that India pursues falsehood as statecraft. The Indian government always resort to blame game, false flag operations and sponsoring terror network in foreign countries to create/ forge incidences in neighboring countries to dilute the international condemnation.

Pakistan has repeatedly approached India through diplomatic channels to seize terror sponsoring in Pakistan. The member states in the ongoing UPR 41st  session on HRS by OHCHR has issued stern warnings to India to immediately improved the HRs situation in IIOJK and India.



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