Complete shutdown observed against the Indian Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit to the territory. Call for the strike was given by APHC and other parties to convey a strong message to India and the International community that people of IIOJK are not ready to accept anything short of their right to self-determination, as pledged by the United Nations. Indian Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit to IIOJK is aimed to speed up the “Kashmir grabbing” doctrine and intensify terrorist activities by Hindu goons.

Amit Shah’s visit is aimed at rubbing salt on the wounds of Kashmiris who have been living in misery under the occupation of one million Indian forces. UK based law firm, “Stoke White” had filed an application along with dossier against Indian Army Chief and Home Minister Amit Shah vis-a-vis Indian war crimes in IIOJK with British Police. JKSM Chief Altaf Ahmad Bhat said, “Amit Shah and company” unleashed reign of terror upon the besieged and oppressed Kashmiris after abrogating the semi-autonomous status of the IIOJK by revoking Articles 370 and 35-A in 2019. In a statement, APHC leader Muhammad Yousf Naqash made it clear that the land grabbing designs of Amit Shah and his Kashmiri collaborates would be frustrated and no one would be allowed to assault Kashmir’s civilization, cultural identity and religious values.          

“We will not let them succeed at any cost. Even in the presence of more than 0.9 million occupation forces, India can never change the ground realities by forcing people out of their homes and by creating an ‘all is well’ impression before the world community.” Indian occupation forces have killed more than 96,114 innocent people among them 7,254 in custody. 165,120 civilians arrested, 110,490 structures torched/destroyed, 22,950 women widowed, 107,880 children orphaned, 1,125 women gang-raped / molested.” India has been denying Kashmir’s right to self-determination for 75 years and now it is utilizing all energies to change religious composition of Kashmir to make Kashmir a Muslim minority region. The world must take notice of illegal Indian moves.



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