Modi government has planned another false flag operations to distract attention from its internal problems and certain issues such as political polarization in Maharashtra, communal tensions, an all-time high unemployment rate, a 30- year high wholesale price index and devaluation of Indian currency. Recently, Indian Army has launched a 33- Page dossier containing false information to defame Pakistan. Rahul Gandi had already hinted at possible ‘distraction’ attempt by the Modi government in the near future. India is a classical model of a state that is utilizing its whole strength to generate a false narrative of being relevant and commendable.

From defeats in battlefield to human rights abuses, in IIOJK, or elsewhere, India is trying to hide its real face through systematic disinformation campaigns. However, the strategy of camouflaging vileness and weakness cannot continue forever. India’s involvement in spreading Disinfo campaign and fake news against Pakistan is for mere political gain.

It is likely possible that if any mishap occurred during Amarnath Yatra, India would blame Pakistan to dent its reputation. Whereas, Pakistan will get rid of FATF grey list after scrutiny, India will launch a propaganda campaign against Pakistan through their Disinfo Labs. It is important that world needs to understand how India plans its false flag operations, how they kill their own people to gain political interest and how they shape up narrative to defame others.



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